Corporate Services


We handle all kinds of events for the corporate world, from conventions to advisory board meetings. Our services include:

  • Strategy with seating and panel management

  • Logistics of speaker movements

  • Coordination from initial plans to final execution

Registration Management Services:

Allow our experienced team to:

  • Build a database of invitees and send invitations

  • Collect RSVPs and update database

  • Prepare registration packets that work within provided parameters to address all requirements for speakers, panelists, sponsors, VIPs, and the general audience

  • Staff for database creation and management until event’s completion as well as staffing services for registration packet compilation and packaging as well as on-site regitration

Speaker Liaison Management Services

Allow our experienced team to:

  • Utilize our extensive database of experience liaisons to secure the desired number as determined by the event’s organizers

  • Work closely with on-site speaker and panelist teams the week of the event, producing a comprehensive schedule that itemizes liaison information, call times, and stage times, which would be regularly updated and distributed to all involved

  • Manage and maintain responsibility for all liaisons, as they are the face of our organization and our code of conduct will be adhered to at all times

  • Staff for the positions of Liaison Manager, Coordinators, Speaker Liaisons and the Speaker Check-in Team